Vedic Astrology Course (for beginners + advanced)


Using a powerful tool of Vedic Astrology you can gain personal clarity and find a way to fulfilling your true destiny. Feel empowered to make life-affirming choices, as you go on a healing and knowledgeable experience of connection to your true nature.

After finishing my online Vedic Astrology courses (2 levels), you will:

  • Be able to read your own astrological chart and the charts of others, as a hobby or as a profession. In other words you will be able to read the map to your destiny.
  • Understand each planet’s and sign’s archetipal characteristics, and their relationships.
  • Have knowledge of how to lead a balanced life according to planetary positions and transits.
  • Be able to determine an auspicious time to start projects, or pick a date for important occasions.
  • Know how to check the compatibility of any couple.
  • Gain the knowledge of various remedial measures for any afflicted planets or inauspicious placements and will be able to harmonize your or your client’s cosmos with Mantra, Yantra, gemstones and Rudrakshas.

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