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Hello! my Name is Vasanta Das and my passion in life is Vedic Spirituality. For over a decade I lived with the monks in India, studying under guidance of my elderly Guru. I have dedicated my life to understanding spiritual essence through the study and practice of Vedic Wisdom. Today I am able to help others on their spiritual Journey.

My Mission as an Astrologer is to help you gain Clarity and Reconnect with your Spiritual Essence, inspiring you to create from a place of Loving Wisdom.

I bring you CLARITY, HEALING and UNDERSTANDING through the power of Vedic Wisdom, empowering you to bring back the color in your life.

I believe that at our CORE we are all eternal beings of light created with the purpose to LOVE. I believe that the MAXIMUM POTENTIAL of every Spirit Soul can be reached through a PERSONAL, UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION of Loving devotion. This is DHARMA. 

What is Vedic Astrology?

“Jyotish” or Vedic Astrology is the Sanskrit word meaning: “Science of Light”, also known as the Eye of the Vedas. It is the ancient astrological system that has been used by sages and seers of India for Milleniums, and today is still the most accuarate predictive system in the world.

Vedic Astrology is intimately related to all aspects of Human Life, and helps us understand and Fulfill our life-quest in 4 areas: Dharma or Duty, Artha or Wealth, Kama or Pleasure, Moksha or Spiritual Liberation.

How can Astrology help You?

Astrology is a Divine tool given to humanity so we can find our way through life. Astrology solves the problem of not knowing where to go next or what action to take. We each carry a blueprint of our destiny, psychology and Karmic path within our Horoscope. 

Powerful Insights, and time periods can also be seen. Intrested in personal relationships? How about compatibility?  

My Story 

 My name is Vasanta das and I find people to be fascinating. Throughout my life, I have been intrested in personality, variety in character and motivation in people. From a young age, I studied graphic design and communication, with the goal of being able to have the skills that would allow me to express and communicate ideas and feelings. As I walked forward in life and my vision expanded, I became interested in Spirituality.

At the age of 21 I travelled to India, and for the next decade of my life I took shelter and guidance of my elderly Spiritual Master Swami Bhaktivedanta Narayan of the Gaudiya Vashnava lineage in India. With the goal to learn Bhakti-yoga the yoga of Loving Service. I served my Guru and lived in his ashram in the holy city of Vrndaban for over 10 years, having the oportunity to convey his message of Pure love internationally.  It was during my time there that I learned about Spiritual Essence and the individuality, Personality and Dharma or Purpose of the soul. In the year of 2007 I met my Vedic Astrology mentor, who kindly guided me to the understanding of subtil world within people. I was instantly captivated by the power of Vedic Astrology. My life would never be the same.

What is The Dharma Code?

The Dharma Code discloses the ancient Vedic system for making enlightened choices and fulfilling our highest potential. Formerly intended for kings and queens, and secretly guarded by them, this knowledge was deliberately concealed, and passed down in secrecy in a sacred tradition for millennia.

The outcomes we experience in our life are no accident: They reflect the quality of our choices. To help us to make excellent choices, the sages devised the Dharma Code.

Being a Human is no easy task. This is why we must learn to use the tools left to us by the ancient saits and seers.

Today I use the Dharma Code as an Essential part of all my readings. Giving you Powerful Insights on what values to practice to advance faster according to your nature.

Let me offer you a taste of what awaits you. Please take the test to find out your DHARMA CODE, and recieve a 32 page fully illustrated PDF, about your Spiritual Essence. Your Journey begins here.

What is a Vedic Horoscope?

The Horoscope is a Blueprint of snapshot of the position of the Planets and Constellations during the time of birth of person. The planets cast an energetic pattern, that imprints the destiny of the person, setting forward the life. 

Your Vedic Horoscope is unique and carries powerful, clear and accurate information about your Destiny, Life Mission, Purpose, and your Karma. It is the easiest way to know what you have chosen to master in this life, and in which direction to go forward. 

The Vedic Horoscope is calculated with Sideral Calculations, Making it different from the Western Horoscope, as Vedic Astrology takes the Center of our Galaxy as the reference point for all Calculations. 

Imagine that you could have TOTAL CLARITY about your LIFE.

Can you Imagine not having to waste one more second of your life in trying to figure it out or choosing the right path amungst so many? Imagine having the perfect map, to your DESTINY. Imagine being able to UNDERSTAND yourself and your love ones, how you are different, how you can learn to help each other, and how you can make them happy.

What can a Reading reveal to you?

My duty as a Vedic Astrologer is to solve the problem of lack of clarity in your life path

Let me help you Understand yourself  and align with your destiny. Having a specific Blueprint of your lifepath I can help you gain insight, clarity, momentum and direction. Your Astrological Blueprint revelas your past life Karma and the path you chose in this life to ascend in your Spiritual Development. Vedic Astrology reveals in a easy and simple way the best and most practical strategy to live your life individually. Your Astrological Chart
 revelas all 4 Principles of Dharma, and the 12 areas of Life. 

Spiritual Development

Find out the prime reason for your present incarnation. What have you come to learn in life? Where are you going?

Career and Economy

What areas of your life you are more likely to make money and achieve success. What is your perfect service?

Dharma, Personal Development

Understand your path to advancement in this life by embracing your Sacred Rights.
Make Enlightened Choices.


Powerful insights about your personal relationships. Marriage and Children. Ask the important questions.

Event Timing

When to Invest, and who to invest with.
Children, Weddings, Buisiness.

Karmic Lifepath

Understand where you have been and what are your debts. Make peace with the unavoidable.  

What would your life look like if you could FOCUS


The Purpose of a Designer is to convery essence in a compelling, unmistakable and remarkable way. Remember how many times you have felt confused or frustrated because you took a bad choice or because you didn’t understand that walking that path was only going to bring you trouble? Now Imagine being able to build your brand without anxiety or frustration. Imagine being able to take every action in the right direction and being able to build your brand from a place of love that responds 100% to your heart’s calling.

What is Spiritual Branding?

“A Brand without a purpose is like a body without a soul.” As part of my life mission I help Entrepeneurs, Worldshakers, Heart-warriors Present themselves, and their Message with Compelling Clarity, Substance and Style. 

Together with my friend Rob Elings we have put together “The Dharma of Design Branding Course.” All of our branding strategies are based on the Vedic Dharma Code, and each and every clients specific birth details. We start with your CORE ESSENCE, and we build from there.

Together with Rob Elings we have built the Personal Brand Sites of top online influencers like Simone Levie, Michael Pilarczyk, WildWomanSisterhood, JaishreeYoga, Taste of Happiness and many others.

I Believe that you Exist for a Very Good Reason!

If you would like to know more about presenting your message to the world in a compelling, clear and outstanding way I invite you to visit my Spiritual Branding website, and get to know “The Dharma of Design” Spiritual Branding Course. Let me help you find your Heart Song. Let me empower you to Believe and Express your Heart’s Essence. 

Are you ready to step into your Essence?

If you would like to know more about presenting your message to the world in a compelling, clear and outstanding way I invite you to visit my Spiritual Branding website, and get to know “The Dharma of Design” Spiritual Branding Course. Let me help you find your Heart Song. Let me empower you to Believe and Express your Heart’s Essence. 

"Where there is Dharma, There is Victory"

- The Mahabharata


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