Advanced Vedic Astrology Course by Vasanta Das


Learn Advanced techniques to Predict the Future, Guide your clients & create Harmony in Life.

By the end of the second level Vedic Astrology course you will:

  • Gain wisdom of the 27 lunar mansions – the Nakshatras, which will allow you to analyze any chart more in depth.
  • Have knowledge of how to lead a balanced life according to planetary positions and transits.
  • Be able to determine an auspicious time to start projects, or pick a date for important occasions.
  • Know how to check the strengths of any planet.
  • Will know where to find and how to interpret other divisional charts.
  • Know how to check the compatibility of any couple.
  • Gain the knowledge of various remedial measures for any afflicted planets or inauspicious placements and will be able to harmonize your or your client’s cosmos with Mantra, Yantra, gemstones and Rudrakshas.