Hello, and welcome to December!

Here is your Vedic astrology calendar for December 2023! As we step into the year’s final month, the dance of the planets invites us on a journey of self-discovery and growth. With its planetary intricacies, December offers a kaleidoscope of lessons and opportunities.

Overall, December will be quite challenging due to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the dreadful Abhukta Mula Gandanta (the Gandanta zone occurs when planets are transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius). Still, it also has the potential to be a very healing month due to the dignity of Venus and Jupiter. Truth, humility, and a warm heart are called for during this month as we take positive action towards peace, dialog, and understanding in 2024, which is meant to be the year of outstanding shift for humanity.

The mutual aspect of Venus in Libra with Jupiter in Aries

As Venus graces the planetary dance in Libra (until December 25th), its radiant presence offers us a harmonious respite from the recent turbulence of life. This celestial alignment is a gentle reminder of the cosmic balance that influences all beings, inviting us to embrace the wisdom and serenity it imparts. Jupiter, too, illuminates the sky in Aries, and in its mutual aspect with Venus, these two great gurus of Vedic Astrology engage in a dialogue of spiritual significance. This aspect opens our hearts to a deeper understanding of love and relationships. It may also stir discussions on the fundamentals of our existence – some amicable and enlightening disagreement may arise, fostering growth and understanding.

However, amidst this celestial harmony, we must remain vigilant. The promise of tranquility should not lull us into complacency, for the red flags of planetary challenges are scattered throughout December. The Abhukta Mula Gandanta Transits, shifting from Scorpio to Sagittarius, bring forth a wave of imbalances and insecurities. This period, particularly challenging due to its nature, is a spiritual knot that we must untangle with patience and introspection.

The Sun’s Sagittarian Journey

From December 16th, the Sun enters Sagittarius, marking a shift in our focus towards higher learning and exploration of philosophical thoughts, lasting until January 14th, 2024. The Sun’s passage through the Abhukta Mula Gandanta is pivotal for spiritual growth and shedding old skin.

Mars and Mercury retrograde in the Abhukta Mula Gandanta

Mercury turns retrograde on December 13th in Sagittarius (Purva Ashadha Nakshatra), signaling a period of internal dialogues and revisiting past ideas. Mars enters the Abhukta Mula Gandanta from December 23rd onwards (in Jyestha nakshatra). Although Jyestha brings forward opportunities, it is also the constellation where jealousy and revenge reside.

Generally, Mars makes us straightforward and commanding; it is a planet of war and survival and an “act first, think later” planet. Since it will be mainly associated with Mercury in retrogression, expect communications to become aggressive in tone. This is where we must be cautious in our dialog and relationships, always be mindful of our words and actions towards others, and seek inner balance and resolution.

My advice for the end of this month, especially starting December 25th – is to approach it with heightened awareness and care. Avoiding large gatherings, practicing restraint, and making considered choices are wise.

Jupiter’s Direct Motion and the Healing Time

December is a month of confrontation, but the good news is that once we face those challenges, the gateway for a much-needed healing time for the earth will open. This healing time will begin as soon as Jupiter moves in direct motion on the last day of December and Mars moves to Sagittarius, away from the opposition from Saturn in Aquarius. As we journey through December, remember that each planetary movement is a step toward personal and collective growth.

The year 2024 awaits us with the promise of an outstanding shift for humanity towards higher consciousness and deeper understanding. Let’s prepare ourselves for this journey with truth, humility, and love. Let’s step into our essence and shine brightly, guided by the wisdom of the stars and the love within our hearts.

I hope You find this helpful! Have a beautiful and meaningful end of the year!

Radhe Radhe


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