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You all probably feel the shift in the atmosphere as Rahu and Ketu changed signs at the end of October. This month, though, will not be easy still. We will see some conflicts rising on a personal level and in the World. Please read through the November Astrology Predictions below and be aware of what is coming up. I hope this will help you live your life in peace and harmony.

NOVEMBER Astrology Predictions

Starting this month, conflicts in the World will aggravate in a powerful way, and we will see them going on until the end of the year. On one side, due to Saturn going direct (4th of November), AI, technologies, and cryptocurrencies will develop fast. On the other – it is definitely a month of tolerance and holding back the emotion. Remember that it is good to voice what we think and how we feel, but always do it respectfully and seek resolution.

Having said that, it is still the most auspicious month of the year – the Kartik month. It brings us many beautiful celebrations, reminding us to connect with the divine, give back to our communities, and appreciate how God is taking care of us. So, here are some major PLANETARY TRANSITS you should be aware of:

VENUS joins KETU in VIRGO (3rd of November)

Venus – the planet of love, comfort, beauty, relationships, and pleasure joined shadow planet Ketu in Virgo (on the 3rd of November). People have been extremely attentive to detail since. Usually, Venus wants to be pleasant and make others feel good. As it moved into a pragmatic sign of Virgo, Venus just wants to protect itself, and it wants relationships to be very clear. So romanticism dies this month; everything feels more executional and transactional.

Ketu is the planet of letting go of the past, therefore, this conjunction makes us revise some deals from the past or even past lives.

At the end of the month, Venus goes to Libra, which will come in with positive energy and some diplomacy, promising a consensus for the conflicts brought out by Mars, Sun, and Saturn’s opposition. Remember that some people have a very logical approach to life, and others have a very emotional, instinctive approach to life. The way to balance those two is by dialog, which at its core has a desire to reach peace and resolution.


The planetary “party” this month is in Scorpio. Mars naturally rules Scorpio, and the Sun is finally getting out of its debilitation point in Libra – this may seem to be a very good change. But… all of them will have a Saturn aspect, creating a very conflictive and opposing atmosphere. Or, in other words – planetary war. We will most probably see conflicts in Israel and Ukraine aggravate. Energetically, on one side, we have a survival instinct and emotion (Mars); on the other, we have the intellect and a wish to design and control everything (Saturn).

The good thing is that planets are in their own signs, so they know how to handle these energies, but they are still in very opposed polarities. Therefore, we are going to see a clash in politics, nations, and people’s relationships. As Mercury enters the Gandanta zone (24th of November), it will make things worse. There will be a lot of communication and publications on the pains of the conflict and a lot of emotional overreactions. We can expect some hidden things to come out to the surface.


To soften things up, we have a very special EKADASHI on the 23rd of November. This Ekadashi begins the last 5-day period of Kartik month, called the Bhishma Pancaka. Following the Ekadashi fast for the next five days will bring one the benefit of the whole Kartik month. Meditating, dedicating oneself to spiritual growth, and disciplining oneself during this time is very auspicious. Saturn in Satabishak nakshatra and Bhishma Pancaka calls us to heal from damaging internal and external habits and change them to something positive and sustainable.


Purnima in Taurus (Rohini nakshatra) will not be so auspicious this time. It will probably come as a “bang” of the conflict that has been brewing over the month. The good news is that after this day, things will start to lighten up:

  • with retrograde Jupiter entering Ashwini nakshatra, the healing begins;
  • with Mercury going into Sagittarius, communications will be more positive;
  • with Venus entering Libra, some positive energy and diplomacy promising a consensus will come.

That is it for this month. As always, I hope you find this helpful and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily reminders on the most important planetary transits and Vedic celebrations! And if you wish to get personal guidance, contact me for your personal reading!

See you in December!

Radhe Radhe