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OCTOBER 2023 Overview

As I said, October looks turbulent, especially because Rahu – the shadow planet – is in the Gandanta zone over the month and together with Ketu they are changing signs on the 30th of October, thus ending the 18-month-old karmic cycle. In addition, we have Sun transiting to Libra, where it debilitates. A few more challenges are there because of the planetary party in Libra, where Ketu is situated at the moment, resulting in 6 conjunctions over one month. Three of them being with the shadow planet Ketu. So watch out and be mindful!


First, let’s talk about Rahu and Ketu transit that is coming on the 30th of October and how it will affect us during this month leading up to the GREAT TRANSIT.
The karmic program that was running before was Rahu in Aries (powered by Jupiter) and Ketu in Libra. Aries is a fire sign therefore, Rahu was energizing a very intense karmic situation regarding one’s identity, defining oneself, and taking action. On the 30th, Rahu goes into the water sign – Pisces. This will create a different karmic dynamic. Water signs usually bring relationships; in this case, Pisces brings spirituality, dreams, meditation, and connection with spirit and God. So, during the upcoming karmic cycle, we are going to be looking into the inner dimension of relationships, whereas before, it was more about how to manifest our independence, answering the question of WHO I AM, and an impulse to show the whole world how great I AM.
One chapter of life will end, and a new one will open with the Great Transit of Rahu and Ketu. The good news is that since Rahu is moving away from Aries, Jupiter will be left alone to shine purely, with clean energy, without the shadow of a very inflated illusion and obsession. It is as if Guru will be able to operate without the influence of mafia. Jupiter will be left to operate in full swing, marching onwards in full glory.
Planet Ketu, for 18 months now, has been transiting through Libra (air sign) – this last karmic cycle was all about ideas. We needed to question our partnerships to either let go of them or solidify them. Hopefully, that has happened in your life. But at the end of the month (30th of October), Ketu shifts from Libra, which is all about refinement, collaboration, and partnerships, into a more pragmatic sign of Virgo, which puts order into everything. So people who are too pragmatic, for their own good, they need to let go of excessive adherence to structure, to have a leap of faith into new systems or new ways of doing things.
Don’t forget that Ketu is all about letting go, so be aware that this month is not about new beginnings; it is about closing the cycle, which will come with a “bang.”


There will be two eclipses during this month. The Solar Eclipse will take place on the 14th of October in Citra nakshatra, and the Lunar Eclipse will take place on the 28th of October in Ashwini nakshatra.
The Solar Eclipse falls on the same day as Amavasya, which is a day when the Moon is “empty” and a lot of ignorance is there. Fasting, meditation, and introspection are the best ways to channel eclipse energies positively. It is a good time to rest and recharge your internal batteries. Everybody will be more sensitive as the Eclipse corridor opens (until the Lunar eclipse on the 30th). This is a foggy time, definitely not good for making ANY decisions even though the energetic drive might be just that. Better, channel this energy towards spiritual growth.
The Lunar Eclipse will bring volatile emotions heightened by the Full Moon in Ashwini nakshatra. Extreme emotions will rise regarding self-esteem and being recognized for the work that we’ve done. It is the last “bang” of this closing Rahu/Ketu cycle trying to impress the world with our identity.


The Sun goes into its debilitation sign – Libra, on the 17th of October and meets Ketu. During this time, there will be an excessive emphasis on refinement or perhaps oversimplifying everything. The weak Sun, with Ketu’s influence, in addition to everything that is going on, will have a negative effect on our sense of confidence; acting from a sense of authority will be more difficult. This time will be good for letting go of expectations and demands. Just remember that this month is inauspicious to start anything new. This is the closing of a long karmic cycle. Remain equanimous and centered.


We have a great chance for inner work and room to grow spiritually in October. We also have some very auspicious celebrations, like the Navaratri. Navaratri (from the 15th of October until the 24th) is celebrated over nine nights and symbolizes the battle of good against evil, which results in the victory of the good on the tenth day, called Vijaya Dashami. People in India pray to the Goddess Durga for power, wisdom, and energy over those ten days.

Another big celebration is the beginning of Kartik Month. It starts with the Rasa Purnima, and in our bhakti yoga path, it is considered the most auspicious month of all year because it is dedicated to the Goddess of Love – Srimati Radharani. During this month, we pray for spiritual advancement and blessings from Srimati Radharani. The Supreme God – Sri Krsna, has no beginning. And He has no end. Still, although He is unlimited, beginningless, and endless, the Supreme Lord can be bound and trapped only by prema – pure love. Therefore, this month is called Damodara vrata, and those who observe it will attain the pure love by which they can bind the Supreme Lord. And because Radhika is the predominating Deity of Kartika month, She is also called Damodari. Krsna is Damodara, and Radhika is Damodari. Without Radhika, no one can bind Krsna permanently. Only Radhika can bind Him with Her love forever. May this inspire you to start creating a loving and personal relationship with God. Prayers to Srimati Radharani might help…

…if not that, then try to remain equanimous and centered during this challenging month, practice yoga and meditation, and participate in holy rituals. Externally, there will definitely be storms, but inside, you can remain calm, stable, and happy if you choose to.

I hope this helps You in Your journey!
Radhe Radhe


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