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April 2022 Overview

New shifts and changes are coming. Whatever energies you’ve been experiencing lately, you will feel them change, since all slow moving planets – Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn, are changing signs this month. There will be a whole new world. Although people might be having a difficult time coping with that.

This month will definitely start a new reality – from a very serious movie we will be shifting to a light, relief oriented comedy. Although there will be some shocking events, there will also be a lot of positive and inspiring things to be happy about as Jupiter gains his good position in Pisces.

Right now a lot of karma is being processed, because we are at the end of a very long process. People are being sensitive and tired, therefore try to not be reactive. Soon we will experience the rise of wealth, summer will be quite celebratory until Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn. So this is a period of extreme kindness, reflection and grace. Use it for healing, recharge. It is also important to notice that the world is going to shift alliances politically and economically. Wait until next month to make important decisions, purchases and agreements.
Here are some insights of the most significant transitions this month:


Mars-Saturn conjunction in Dhanishta (Capricorn)

With Mars and Saturn clashing there will be a lot of anger, intolerance and frustration felt in the air, from which unexpected and foggy decisions by seniors will be made. We have to be very cautious and restraint. Harsh action might be taken that day, which might stop the war or the conflict for some time. Or if things go out of hand there could be a severe attack / a very shocking event.

The constellation where these two planets meet is called Dhanishta nakshatra. It is the constellation that destroys the ego. Trying to gain authority or satisfy one’s ego will result in major relationship conflicts. Conflicts rising at this time will be severe, therefore try not to react. Whatever happens on this day will set in motion the rest of the year. IT IS ADVISABLE TO NOT DO ANYTHING IMPORTANT ON THESE DAYS (4th, 5th, 6th).

In general this conjunction will be felt as a very big traffic jam, when you are on your way to an important meeting. You will need to have patience. It is like a stop-and-go type of situation, where things are going to seem to stall by rules and regulations, but there’s eagerness to get things forward. It can result in a lot of frustration and anger.

Try to be gentle, mindful of your personal relationships, be tender. Karma is coming out now full speed, especially if you have planets in Capricorn. You will feel forced or compelled to fall into a karmic action, which you will regret later. Be conscious. It is definitely an inauspicious time.


7th April MARS GOING TO AQUARIUS (Conjunct Jupiter and Venus)

Mars going to Aquarius will have the same effect, since Aquarius is also ruled by Capricorn, but this time Mars is moving from Earth sign to Air sign. Having Mars in Earth sign is what actually started the war, now with its transit to Air sign we will see new technologies being introduced into the war. On the other hand Mars is meeting Jupiter in Aquarius – we will have more humanitarian consciousness during that time. Time of healing will soon come.

Mars also meets Venus in Aquarius gives a lot of passion for democracy, visionary ideas, technology…. Many people will be speaking up. Great artists will be doing concerts for peace. We will see more aid technology wise. People will be coming together to help those in need.


12th RAHU/KETU change signs (Aries, Libra)

Rahu/Ketu movement means they change signs (Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra) for the upcoming 18 months. This means that all eclipses will happen in those signs and there will be transformations, major changes if you have your Moon or Ascendant in those signs. This change will definitely start a new chapter. More relief will be felt. It is a happier period.

Rahu moving to Aries will cause an internal fight in people between what it means to be nice, humanitarian, composed, democratic and standing for your rights of independence. There will be either acts of bravery or possessiveness. It can go either way depending on the positioning of Mars that is going to control Rahu. In the last cycle we were focused on healing our inner psychology, now it will shift to how can we be individuals and at the same time have harmonious relationships.

This transit sets the tone for the rest of the month.



The most positive transit of the month for sure is Jupiter moving back to its own sign of Pisces. A planet of positivity and expansiveness – Jupiter, after 3 hard years of austerity will finally be in its own sign and all planets will be much more in harmony. It is when everyone comes together. A lot of people will be turning to spirituality, kindness. Stock market and economy will go up in that time, since Jupiter brings wealth.


14th SUN GOES TO ARIES (conjunct Rahu and Mercury)

As Sun transits Aries and conjuncts Rahu and Mercury there, the obsession for the free world will rise. There will be very heroic, very positive fighting spirit. People will be stepping up to do the right thing for Ukraine, for the World. Internal conflicts about leadership in Russia may arise.



The end of Kalasarpa Yoga will release massive tension. And with time the war will descale. Brightness will come to the hearts of people. There will be massive celebrations.



With Saturn completing his cycle in Capricorn we are ending period hardships. Over the month Saturn will work as a “grandfather” who is making sure that the legacy of lessons we learned are preserved. Stability comes from previous restrictions. We will see how the world is functioning when we have good governments and good decisions are being made. Saturn in Aquarius will bring about new technologies, there will be massive migration into cryptocurrencies, AI will make a leap, there will be medical advancements. Main focus will be on economy.

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