Let me share with you about the month of May 2020 – November 2020 from Vedic Astrology point of view.
May 2020 will be a crucial month in the development of the Pandemic. It is definitely the month of transition between Quarantine and what will seemingly be a return to a state of Semi Normality.

At the end of this post you will find a link to Youtube video. In this video you will learn how to play through the May 2020 level, so you can maximise on the its teachings, and also understand what the month is trying to teach us. Towards the end of the video I will be giving advices and remedies to help you get through the challenges both economical and psychological that the period has brought through. Once again welcome and Thank you for watching.


MAY 4th Mars Exits Capricorn, and goes into Aquarius. ♒️ Motions are on edge. Movement. Middle east, China, Japan are affected by Karmic Earthquakes. Truth of Corona emerges. Mars will be in Shatabhishak Nakshatra. Nakshatra of Healers. We are receiving sinful reaction, for disrespect to animals. We are reconnecting to Agricultural value. Potential for Rise in Agricultural Activities. Learning to Develop Natural Immunity. Learning to Stop Harm on Earth. 

NEW MOON May 22 in Taurus. Together with Mercury and Venus. Creativity will be High in the next Cycle.

Triple Retrograde Impact on Economy. RETROGRADES IN EARTH SIGNS. BE CLEAR IN RELATIONSHIPS with the VALUE. Saturn Retrograde: MAY 11 Venus May 13 Jupiter May 14 (Pluto is also Retrograde) Pull Back. Fall appart. Reconsider.

20 May Rahu moves out of Aardra and in Mrigashira SEARCHING. The constellation of ORION. Conquering the Labyrinth of life to reach Fulfilment. Lighthearted actions, travel, exploration, sexual activity, arts, healing and rejuvenation, education, socialising, shifting home, communication, religion and spirituality, sales and advertisement, taking new name. Gentle Nakshatra ruled by the moon.

KALA SARPA YOGA May 29th some Hope is there as Mercury Breaks the Kala Sarpa Yoga. Setting New Goals. Facing the Problems Diagnosis of the Problem Design to overcome the Problem Doing.

Get to know everything that’s coming up in the video below.

Thank You for watching!