Enrich and enhance the quality of your life by learning Vedic astrology.

I am inviting You to join ONLINE Introduction COURSE to VEDIC ASTROLOGY starting 27th May.

This worldwide course is for everyone willing to tap into the world of the most ancient vedic system of wisdom – vedic astrology. I will be sharing my knowledge and insights that I have collected over the decades of practise.

I will share with you the knowledge how to read and understand the astrological language. You will learn to read and interpret your own and others’ destiny. You will also get to know the planets, how they work and influence each other, you’ll learn about the connection between astrologic and dharmic principles, about law of karma and the ways to enrich and enhance the quality of your life.

Topics we are going to cover during the course:
1. Introduction to vedic astrology. 4 principles of dharma.
2. North Indian chart system.
3. Houses and elements.
4. Ascending sign.
5. Astrological Signs.
6. Strenghts and Weaknesses.
7.Sun and Moon in astrological chart.
8. 9 planets.
9. Lord of the signs.
10. How to read astrological chart.

We start on 27th May 2020
10 classes will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays 17:00 – 19:00 (Lithuanian time GMT+3)
Class duration: 2 hours

200 eur for the whole course if you register before 13th May,
250 eur (from 13th May).
If you feel inspired you may always donate more.

After you register we’ll send you further information and payment details.

PLEASE NOTE that the course will be held in ENGLISH.

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