There is a lot of talk right now of impending doom and gloom in the planet, specially because of the natural disasters that have occurred recently, an the ongoing political talk between representatives of the opposing political visions for the world. Many people are saying that the world will end soon etc. The dramatic changes and instability we have been experiencing are due to the natural motion of the planets, since all the major planets have recently shifted signs this has created unbalance, and all this changes have also come together with the August total solar Eclipse. I kindly ask to please remember that news agencies and youtube channels get their bread and butter from alarming headlines. In reality, Love, Peace and Harmony are the underlying currents of the Universe. God’s love will eternally reign supreme, even amongst the midst of challenging times. I felt compelled to make a video explaining the Vedic insight of why the world is far from coming to an end, and how the next few months even though challenging will inevitably take us to a better place as humanity as there is the blessing of being able to realise peace, harmony, non violent communication and selfless service to others. I have taken to heart the wise words of one of my dearest spiritual preceptors, Srila Sridhara Gowsami, as he explains that our environment is always favorable for our spiritual advancement, even though we may see that it is actually very challenging. Gladly planet Jupiter has reached the sign of Libra, which in the zodiac is the topmost Diplomat. So expect a lot more dialog. As Planets Rahu and Ketu continue their motion into Cancer and Ketu emotions will tend to Rise and Settle, taking mainly compassion and kindness as the central jewel to be churned in the ocean of the worlds consciousness, and Finally planet Saturn will give us a reminder of why it is wise to meditate before we take any sort of Action. You can find the video on the link below. I wish that it will bring peace of mind to all my friends who have been asking over the past few weeks, and that it will encourage everyone to remember that Peace, is to be found within our own heart, and that it is an ever present choice, and reality that we can CHOOSE. If you can please share with your loved ones.