The upcoming month of September will be a challenging one following up on the recent Eclpse we just experienced. We are having four planets in the fire sign of Leo, so watch out for emotional outbursts in your communications. Special care goes to areas of personal relationships where fiery emotions can get in the way of the love we feel for one another, specially because planet Mars and planet Mercury will be conjuct. We also have the entrance of Jupiter into Libra which herald a period of Peace and search for Harmony in this world. Towards the end of the month Planet Saturn will move in forward motion to the sign of Sagittarius. With all of this couples with the movement of Rahu and Ketu from the Leo-Aquarius axis to the Cancer-Capricorn axis, expect tremendous readjustment of the world, to a very different game than last year. During this month remember the values of Discipline and Kindness.