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Will power. Skill in Acting.

We are Leaders, Creators, Explorers. We act and experience first and ask questions later. We are the First to take Action. Our interests are related to having Positive Experiences. Our Style is Expressive and Skillful.

We look into our own willpower and personal capacity for happiness. We Believe that it’s up to us to create the world we envision in our hearts. We see Power, free will and possibility. We create challenging environments for skill development, where everyone can test and try out their skills.

We are the Artists, Athletes and Entrepreneurs, the squad leader, the brave general, the daring trailblazer. We make the impossible happen running on pure Willpower.



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The VedicStar Bundle (value 399€)
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Dharmic and Karmic Lifepath
Areas of Skill, Fortune and Expansion
Spiritual Nature
Mental Nature
Bonding (relationship) Nature
Material Nature
Planetary Periods

Areas of Challenge and Debt.
Destiny, Find your Life Mission!

✔ The human needs and the dharma code Chart [Pdf]

✔ The Book of Essence [Pdf]

✔ Your Sacred Heart Mandala Workbook [Pdf]

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Upgrade now and get
The VedicStar Bundle (value 399€)
Yours NOW for Just 199€ 

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Give me my FREE ebook