Hello and welcome to DECEMBER!

Congratulations! We have finally got out of Jupiter debilitation, it has now moved into the sign of Aquarius. On that note, if you are on my mailing list, you have already received an email with your MONTHLY VEDIC ASTROLOGY CALENDAR with tips on how to best live through the month! 💫 If you have not yet subscribed, here’s your chance: SUBSCRIBE. The MONTHLY VEDIC ASTROLOGY CALENDAR is free for downloading and if you subscribe once, you will have it in your email box every month! ❤


The MONTHLY VEDIC ASTROLOGY CALENDAR shows you not only the day of the month, but also the day of the lunar month (tithi) as well as the bright and the dark half of the moon. It is said that during the bright half of the moon it is naturally easier to start projects, we are more active then and emotionally more stable, the dark half of the moon, though, we usually use for finishing up the projects, closing deals and try to be more aware of our emotions.

In this calendar you will also find some days marked in different colors, please take notice of these days, some important planetary transitions are happening then and might affect you either in a positive or negative way. Positive days are marked YELLOW, challenging days are marked DEEP BLUE or RED and auspicious days for fasting and meditation (EKADASHI) are marked PINK.

On the Ekadashi day it is very auspicious to fast from grains (except buckwheat), eat only vegetarian and avoid alcohol. Ekadashi is considered to be one of the most favorable days for spiritual growth, self awareness and gaining wisdom.


To accompany the calendar, every month I am making a new video – the overview and predictions for the upcoming month. You can watch my latest one here:

Overall the month of December will be a month of transformation, personal revolution, letting go of the past, a month for Resurrections. This month will bring around better brighter days, since the planet Jupiter has excited his debilitation point, we will be feeling much lighter and brighter, nevertheless, there are some days to look out for. A lot of overreaction will be felt this month, so be careful in your arguments. The key to overcoming challenges is non-violance, compassion and kindness, try to not fear and rather use the power of meditation, prayer and encouragement.

Eclipse December 2021 | Navigate the Crisis of personal choice

Little heads up for you, in the beginning of the month of Decemeber we are also having a winter eclipse. Here’s another video which will hopefully help you navigate through the explosive month of December. This year of 2021 we will have the Eclipse in Scorpio, with the soon to enter planet Mars, conjuncts later on in the month with Karmic Node Ketu, foretells of unrest and inner transformation after a crisis. It all leads to people wanting to have personal choice over their lives, closing cycles to start new ones. Trying to realise what is important and what isn’t.

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