Natal Chart Analysis


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If this is your first time doing Vedic Astrology reading this is the best choice for you. It is the most complete and comprehensive reading I offer. It covers all areas and aspects of your life. Wealth, Happiness, Relationsihps and Spirituality. I will focus on your gifts, personal dharma code and potential for the present incarnation.
I will examine your past life in depth, to help you understand the results of your past actions. Once you have an understanding of your Karmic lifepath, I will take you on a journey to your future and what awaits so you can strategize and prepare accordingly. I will calculate all major events in the upcoming couple of years. I will help you understand the functioning of your mind, your personal Essence, your Spiritual insight, your karmic nature. Areas of good fortune, and areas where you need to focus. All calcualtions are done accoring to Vimshottari dasha system and Nadi astrology. I will answer you questions during the reading.

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